Content Warning

— Some content from archived webpages could be viewed as prejudiced. I have added notes to those particular links with relevant content warnings. The Web of 90s and 2000s was not all dancing baby .gifs and nerd fandoms, so be aware that you may encounter content and/or beliefs that could be viewed as offensive to some groups. I have not linked to sites with such content because this reflects my beliefs, but because a.) I may see a value in some of the other content on the site and/or b.) erasing or otherwise occluding the very real problems that exist both past and present is, in my belief, not a solution for working towards an equitable future.

I cannot possibly curate a list of all archived media that relates to this project, but I have tried to select a variety of links based on the following criteria: that most of the images are available in the archive (e.g. not broken and unavailable), and that the content is not explicitly related to circulating violent ideologies. With that said, there is content that relates to the 2000’s conflict in central Asia and pro-war sentiment. As stated above, I have retained these links because the websites do contain other content and the site owners are not receiving any monetary compensation through you visiting the site.

— Expect archived pages to contain broken images, broken links, etc.

— If you plan on clicking around archived pages and venturing deeper into the archive, I strongly suggest you add extensions to your browser that block some forms of code. Most modern browsers do a good job with pop-ups and just refuse to play .midi files in general (RIP a major auditory experience of the early Web), but it is better to be safe. I have listed some extensions I use here.

— Exercise caution when navigating the archive, especially if you are a minor or someone who may be offended by sexual content; I have not intentionally linked to content that is exclusively ‘adult’ (e.g. pornographic), but if you choose to click around archived webpages, you may encounter broken links that redirect to archived adult sites. I would also extend this warning to browsing tumblr-based websites as well, since despite tumblr’s best effort to purge the site of adult content, this hasn’t really worked.

— I am not responsible for what you may encounter via these links. I have vetted them all at one point, but for the live links at least, they may go offline or the URL may change hands/redirect. I do try and keep my links current and clear out dead links. I do not ever intend to link to any media that may be malicious or harmful unless otherwise explicitly stated in the link’s description I have provided.